A long-wearing Lipstick formula with intense colour payoff and a completely matte finish.

Had to return.. Hey , I think both colors look great on you. I totally agree, I love experiencing with makeup! Thank you for the honest review and swatches i was thinking about buy matt liquid lipstick and wanted to read review before i buy and i found everything i need to know here: I have always been fascinated by MAC eyeshadows I've wanted to try the Dose Of Colors matte liquid lipsticks for so long. I need to confess something: To give you a very specific example: First name.

Last name. Insert heart eyes emoji! How to: How to choose your daily sunscreen protection? The truth about serums — All you want to know about face serums 10 key questions for an effective skincare routine — Finding the perfect skincare routine for you Dry shampoo, texturizing spray and powder: Les Liaisons Dangereuses — A touchy but very interesting topic Close. Editor Rating Rated 2. Bonnie Garner Published on: January 14, This luscious red is absolutely to die for.

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It also promises to be non-feathering and non-bleeding. This creamy peachy beige lipstick has a great deal of shine, which is the exchange for a muted color. That balance and tradeoff is what makes this one of the best MAC lipsticks.

#1: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick ” Ruby Woo

This is another wonderful lipstick that you can get online from MAC Cosmetics. We have a few pink MAC lipstick shades on our list but it is the candy colored frosting that reminds us of strawberry cream pies that really make us covet the pink look on our lips. After all, the name itself mentions how yummy it may be. It is a vibrant but matte color that makes the perfect pink pout here and it comes in the classic tube in the classic manner. It is just the color here that is special in of itself and boy are we loving it! Buy it on Selfridges!

The comfortability and creaminess of this luminous lip color is what makes this product one of the best MAC lipsticks. Your lips will instantly thank you, both for the hydration and for the beautiful color. Enjoy luscious, soft pink lips with this frosty formula. The frostiness makes it ideal for winter, especially as the pink will vibe well with the white snow, but it would be just as stunning in spring, when it pops among the various pink flowers and other springtime colors.

You can find this product online from MAC Cosmetics. For the spring season, vampy lips are very much in style and the moody blooms of this particular sheen supreme tube, the second such item on this list, will have you walking about as trendy as always with lips in a lovely plum purple that comes in with a very cinematic appeal. Think of it as the Hollywood lips that glide on with a pearl or cream finish to them, chic and modern while still keeping to the retro feel the color inspires.

Get this color here and a similar shade here! Dance with Me is a cranberry red, and it looks totally juicy in its liquid matte formula. This medium plum is totally smooth and creamy, which is how it made its way onto this list of best MAC lipsticks. As a punk or edgy look think Kylie Jenner , this is an ideal shade of lipstick; however, the holidays make for a striking exception to this rule. Find this intriguing shade online from MAC. Bring the intensity with this luscious matte red lipstick.

This added mystery makes it one of the best MAC lipstick colors. Keep the iconic lipstick trend going with this beautiful deep beige lip color. You can buy this gorgeous essential online from MAC Cosmetics. It is meant to bring moisture to the lips and instantly nourish even if they are chapped, with the larger bullet shape adding to the color and its persistent remains.

Retro Matte Lipstick

All you need is a single stroke and the medium shine finish will stay on that pout for quite a while. There is a whole lot of dashing happening on this list apparently, but this rich brown color is certainly one we had to include. It is of a lightweight texture with a creamy finish and we know just how comfortable it can be, even if it is worn all day long with ease. It applies on slick and there is no need for a top coat either. We expect it to last up to 12 hours, which means that between your dinner and the post-party at your place, you will have the most kissable of lips all night long.

Buy this color here! Nude is in and we love it! Nude is also the perfect color to wear while enjoying some naughty pillow talk it seems, as the name of this shade belies nothing less. Instead, it is soft and supple and everything you imagine a body in bed should be. No wonder, this is one of the best MAC lipstick colors you can wear on a daily basis and you can own it purchasing one here!

This limited edition lip color comes in a very pink and bright burnt orange coloring, two shades that we definitely would enjoy having. It is the orange that appeals best to our senses though since Miley is synonymous with shocking and what is more shocking than orange on your lips? This one is a cool toned pink lipstick that gives a gorgeous smooth pink color to your lips.

It lasts for up to four to five hours and provides a fresh and flirty look. People with medium to dark skin tones can pair this up with a dark pink lip pencil in order to avoid making the lips look pale. This vibrant pink shade recently got added to the family of matte lipsticks by MAC.

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Like the other lipsticks from MAC, this one also lasts up to six to seven hours. Hope you loved our list of top ten MAC matte lipsticks.

Retro Matte Lipstick | MAC Cosmetics - Official Site

Do let us know which shades you loved the most and wish to include in your lipstick collection. The comments section below is all yours! Afsha Rangila.