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You can also press the docking button in the top-right corner of the dynamic toolbar.

Using SMART ink with Microsoft Word

After 10 seconds of non-use, the toolbar minimizes and open palettes disappear. You can pin a palette so that it remains open while you write or draw or complete other tasks. To pin a palette, press Pin in its upper-right corner. If you pick up the pen later, the dynamic toolbar reappears in the same location.

Turning SMART Ink on or off

Dock the dynamic toolbar, push it off the screen until it disappears, and then press Close Ink when prompted. Yes No. OR In Windows 8. Viewing the dynamic toolbar in full mode When you first open the dynamic toolbar, it appears minimized. Moving and docking the dynamic toolbar If the dynamic toolbar is covering content, drag it to a different part of the screen.

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The toolbar changes color based on the most-recently picked up pen tool. If you pick up the black pen first, the toolbar will be black; if you then pick up the red pen, it will change to red. If the toolbar is currently expanded i.

When you first open the dynamic toolbar, it appears minimized. To view the toolbar in full mode, press it. The options available in full mode depend on the type of SMART interactive product connected to your computer.

The toolbar minimizes after 10 seconds of non-use. Press Pen and, optionally, select a line color and thickness. Press Highlighter and, optionally, select a highlighter color.

Photoshop Plugins and Filters A-Z

Press Slide Options , and then press Clear Slide. Press End Show. Yes No.

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  • Using the SMART Ink 4 Document Viewer for Mac.
  • SMART Ink Office add-ins do not work in Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac OS X!

Ink is captured in a transparent layer over your document. How to save ink The inserted ink is saved with the document.

HP Printers - Installing a Mac Print Driver Using Apple Software Update

To display the previous slide Press Previous. To display the next slide Press Next. To insert a new, blank slide Press Options.