How to reset a password

In the left-hand pane, select the administrator account whose password needs to be reset. Click the Reset Password button in the right-hand pane.

Boot into Recovery Partition

In the sheet that drops down, enter a new password for the account. Click the Reset Password button on the drop-down sheet. Enter the new password, along with a password hint, and then click the Reset Password button. You will be logged in and the Desktop will appear. Enter the new password in the password and password confirmation fields. Enter a new password hint. Click the Save button. Quit the Reset Password app.

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Quit Terminal. Quit OS X Utilities. Your administrator password has been reset. There are three ways to continue. If you happen to remember the old login password, you can click the Update Keychain Password button. Of course, it's unlikely that you'll suddenly remember the password, so you'll need to use one of the other two options. The second option is to create a new keychain that will use your new password. This option creates a nearly empty keychain file that is accessed using your new password. This option resets your keychain, so you'll need to supply passwords for various services, such as Mail and websites that require usernames and passwords.

Reset your Mac login password

Click the Create New Keychain button. Which might not be a bad idea if you want to delete accumulated chuff: High Sierra seems a bit harder to get in to. Thanks for the article. Is there a way to reset the keychain password without losing all the stored info? I know admin user account and keychain passwords, but they are no the same I changed admin account password several OS versions ago but that change never happened to keychain password. Is the keychain password machine specific? Yes, you can use Keychain Access.

Photo by Masaaki Komori. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit. Email Address. Notable Replies. You'll see your account settings appear. Click the "Reset Password" button. This will allow you to create a new password for the account. Create a new admin password for your original account. You'll need to enter the password twice to confirm it. Click "Change Password" to save it. Log out and log in with your original account and new password. You'll be able to log in using the password you just created. When you log in with your new password, you'll be prompted to update your Keychain password or create a new one.

You won't be able to update the password since you don't know the old one.

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You'll need to create a new Keychain that you'll using moving forward. Method 4. This method will only work for changing a password when you know the original. If you can't remember your password, use one of the other methods in this article. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner and enter your current password. This will allow you to make changes to the settings. Select your user account and click "Change Password.

Reset Forgotten Admin & Standard User Password macOS and OSX

Enter your old password in the first field. This is the password you are currently using. Create a new password. You'll need to enter it twice to verify it. Add a hint optional. You can add a hint for your password that can be displayed if you are having trouble logging in. This is recommended so that you don't have to go through the trouble of resetting your password if you ever forget it. Start using your new password immediately. Your password will be applied immediately, and you'll use it whenever you're prompted for your password. My computer prompt is 'bash Do you know why?

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  7. Did you forget the "load" command? Be sure to type it all in correctly as shown above! Yes No. Not Helpful 7 Helpful 9. Liza Gaylord. This should work for all Apple computers.

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    Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. I forgot the system preferences username and password on my Mac Air, and I can't enable the change settings while clicking the lock menu. How do I reset it so I can use it? Enter "root" as the username and leave the password blank. Then you can access the system preferences menu. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions.